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Why is Wellness Revolutionary?


As our daily lives get more complicated, anxiety, frustration, sadness, anger and fatigue can destabilize us physiologically and psychologically. So how do we get back to happiness and balance?

Bahia Honey believes that feeling balanced and happy is a right that everyone should enjoy. Wellness and wellbeing are promoted all the time as “self care” in advertisements ranging from diets to beauty practices but wellbeing should also include connections to people and nature- the love and compassion that drives us to act in service- our unyielding hope and faith- our relentless pursuit of justice. These are all things that help us feel we are an integral part of the global whole. These are what make our homes and communities feel warm, safe and happy.   

How do we create this sense of wellbeing and happiness when almost everything in our society suggests that we should be stressed, competitive, hopeless, selfish and independent? We ACT!  We live in a manner that inspires, heals, supports and nurtures others. In this way, we show up as our most authentic and beautiful selves! We ACT! We promote what is beautiful; we praise acts of beauty and love and give hate no energy or audience. We ACT! We, with formidable compassion and grace usher in a renewed culture of health and wellness! We believe that being comfortable in your own skin, literally and figuratively, while manifesting love, justice and unity is an act of counterterrorism…and that wellness is revolutionary!

Resist! Restore! Renew!

Join the Bahia Honey wellness revolution!