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Q: Is this a cure for eczema, psoriasis, etc.?
A: No. Bahia Honey makes not medical claim or any suggestion that this is a treatment for any specific skin disease or disorder. Bahia Honey maintains that our skincare products are vegan, free from tree nut oils, paraben free, dye free and gluten free (except for the fact that many products contain colloidal oats which may have at some point been housed in factories where wheat was present).

Q: How/Why does it work?
A: We think that because it is thick and has a tacky texture, it coats the skin and slowly absorbs, allowing the skin time to heal.

Q: Will this help my acne?
A: Bahia Honey contains oil so it is excellent for dry skin but Bahia Body Beautiful is not recommended for acne prone or oily skin

Q: Is this available in stores?
A: Not yet. We are working on getting into stores so it will be more accessible to consumers.

Q: Why is the shipping $10?
A: Bahia Honey products are made fresh to order and once we process it, we like to send it priority to reduce the time in transit.

Q: Why is it taking so long for me to get my products?
A: We are a very small shop. VERY! we only have one manufacturer at this time (me) however soon we will have an external manufacturer and that should cut down the wait time.