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My name is Bahia Overton and the Bahia Honey story began in 2005 following the birth of my daughter, Naime (ny-ee-may). I noticed dry patches all over her body and her pediatrician soon determined that it was eczema. In my personal quest to find an effective moisturizer for my newborn daughter's eczemaI, I searched and searched for products that would soften the rough areas of her skin.  Every product I would buy and slather her up with would at first appear to moisturize her skin, but by day's end without fail, the dry, ashy patches would return. It was really frustrating! I was not only seeking an effective moisturizer, I also wanted to stay away from harsh chemicals and preservatives. I sought advice from my friend Kim, a naturopathic physician.

After recommending some homeopathic remedies that didn't work well for my baby, Kim suggested that I do some research and take a stab at making my own. At first I thought it was a crazy idea. I mean, who makes their own lotion?

After one year of mass experimentation with oils, butters, waxes and serums (and countless failed attempts), I finally achieved success! My magic mixture worked wonders on my daughter's skin and seemed to keep the dry patches at bay! It also worked great on my husband's dry skin and made my normal skin glow! It was a great moisturizer for the entire family.

Soon after, extended family and friends began requesting jars of my magic concoction!

A year later, after using my product on her son's eczema, my best friend said to me, "Bahia, honey, you have to share this with the world!" That was in 2005!

Now, almost 11 years later and with no signs of those dry patches on my beautiful daughter, we are continuing to share it with anyone seeking an intensive moisturizer for their skin. We hope you will love this product as much as we do!

Stay smooth!

- Bahia