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New Year New You?

New Year New You?


I famously LOVE the New Year. I feel like the air is more crisp, the birds chirp a little louder and the sun shines brighter, even if it doesn't. I don't have to go into why I'm happy that 2020 is over...we ALL know what a heartbreaker that was. Basically, I love the idea of a clean slate. Along with the hope that the new year brings comes tons of cynicism as well. Guess what? If you want to change 100 things about yourself and your life because it's 2021, then do it! New Year, New You! 

Many people took the extra time that they had at home to focus on taking better care of themselves. Self-care this and self-care that but you know what? Self-care is really where it's at. Here are some things that I'm bringing into 2021 and some things that I'm hoping to change:

  1. Have we talked about how I either drink too much water or none at all? It's really bad, you guys. I either drink a gallon of water or I'm trying to remember if I had any water at all. My skin always looks better when I drink tons of water. So, I'm working on that. We all have to start SOMEwhere!
  2. Speaking of skin, I'm good for walking around ashy during the winter. I should have won an award in 2020 for Ashiest Person for the Longest Amount of Time in One Year. I used to only really put on lotion when someone would see my legs...UNTIL my legs got a taste of that Bahia Body Beautiful. You know how butter melts onto a piece of freshly toasted bread? That's how my skin drinks up Bahia Body Beautiful. My skin is always like, "thanks, mom" after I slather that all over. Pro-tip: if you share your large jar of Bahia Body Beautiful with your family, order the 5oz. and stash it away in your car or your purse. Thank me later.
  3. In the beginning of quarantine I was sleeping a know, depression, anxiety, blah blah blah. When I'm feeling down and sleeping too much, I make sure to peel myself out of bed and take a shower. I don't wash my hair every time I take a shower but I do get it wet. I love a good leave-in conditioner but I've never found one that I loved UNTIL the Supernatural Spray Hair Conditioner. First of all, SUPERNATURAL? I thought we were getting our superpowers on December 21st but Bahia Honey found a way before then. It's a new year but we still have Covid and I'm positive there will be more days in bed. While I'm working on my mental health, I'll let Bahia Honey work on my hair health. 
  4. In a year that left so many people isolated, I think about the people who had babies who couldn't get the help that most would normally receive outside of a pandemic. Imagine being isolated with a newborn? I can't and I don't want to. I'm not a great gift-giver but I would love to become one. So, one thing I DO know is that new mothers don't need unsolicited baby advice. You know what they would LIKE? A Bahia Honey Baby Bundle. It's a perfect gift without breaking the bank and without giving unsolicited baby advice. First of all, it comes with a 4oz. jar of Bahia Body Beautiful. You already know how how yummy it feels on your skin, imagine that already baby-soft skin even softer. I've changed a diaper or two and I feel so bad when a baby has a sensitive little bum. Mom's will LOVE this! Ok, here is a little bit of unsolicited baby advice: get a warm little bath going, add some Sulfate-Free Baby Wash into that warm water. Once that little honey pie is in the water, grab the Mini Oatmeal Lavender Soap and get that baby nice and full of suds. You can also use the Sulfate-Free Baby Wash as shampoo. After the baby is dry, slather Bahia Body Beautiful all over and give them a mini massage while you're doing this. Give them a little Bahia Honey Baby Sprinkle and boom! You just gave your baby a spa treatment and they're ready to go to sleep. 
  5. Oftentimes when we talk about self-care we assume that it's just for women. Have you ever seen a man who didn't take care of his beard? No thank you! Bahia Honey Men's Beard Wash will get it right. What does this have to do with becoming a new me in 2021? Nothing...mind your business. 
  6. If there is anything that this year has taught me, it's that health is wealth. Here's a little secret: I'm completely addicted to sugar. I'm starting a cleanse in a few days to help me get that monkey off my back. I know a lot of people don't think they work but I need some help, yall! I love sugar so much but I love myself more so I guess I have to make a decision. It's me or the sugar so I'm choosing me. I'll let you know how I'm doing in about a month. 
  7. Something else I'm working on is being less judgmental. I judge a lot of things so whatever BUT I won't stop judging people who don't wear masks...WEAR YOUR MASK! 
  8. Working out is everyone's new year goal and I'm no different. I already workout but not nearly enough. I'm not talking about being on a diet or diet culture. I'm talking about getting those endorphins for my mental health and these thighs. IYKYN. I'm kind of like a little kid who needs a reward after doing something that I don't want to do so I'm incorporating Brown Sugar Body Polish into my after-workout routine. Whatever works, yall. 
  9. I see people talk about how writing down their goals helps with achieving them and I've always rolled my eyes at that. No particular reason why (lol) but I always have except for this year. I do love crossing off things on a list so I'm trying it. 

I know these things seem simple and obvious but sometimes we need to hear things multiple times before making them happen. It's 2021 and I'm rooting for you and myself. Happy New Year and Happy New You! 


Summer, Bahia Honey Blogger