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Your Actions Are So Loud, I Can't Hear What You're Saying...

"Your actions are so loud, I can't hear what you're saying..." My Grandma Ollie, used to say that all of the time! To put it plainly, she's saying that actions speak louder than words. I have heard variations of this saying many times in my life but it seems that more than ever before, these words have clear meaning. Part of being healthy is feeling centered and happy.  This is an internal condition. Happiness comes from within and the only person responsible for maintaining a happy disposition, is you!  That being said, it can be extremely taxing on your happiness if you have people around you that speak words of love, compassion and kindness but demonstrate the opposite in their actions. One of my favorite quotes:

"He whose words exceed his deeds, know verily his death is better than his life." 


It may sound harsh, but if you take a moment to think about the people who truly see and hear you; those who light up when you enter the room; the champions of your dreams and the cheerleaders of your success... you will immediately understand the value of true friendship. Conversely, when you are with people who are negative– those who always see your limitations and who discourage your curiosity and creativity....well, you know what it is! To be well is to be happy, centered and balanced. Life is sweeter when we have others around us who mirror those attributes! Surround yourself with people who lift you up when you are heavily burdened and launch you toward the stars when you are inspired.  

True friendship supports wellness, and wellness is revolutionary! Love hard! Be happy! Live well! Be a wellness revolutionary!     

Stay smooth! Bahia